Chapter 1Edit

Foxlover stared into the swirling black liquid uncertainly. "Blacksvoid, are you sure this will work?"

"Of course," Blacksvoid affirmed, bringing over a champagne glass and pouring the suspicious potion into it. "Drink up."

"Welp, here goes." *Glug glug*

5 seconds later

"Did it work?" Foxlover asked.

"Did it work?" Foxlover asked.

Blacksvoid snorted, trying to contain her laughter.

"OH MY CELESTIA!" Foxlover shouted, leaping away from Foxlover. Foxlover did the same.

"I guess it worked, then." They stated, then glanced at each other. "Okay, that's creepy."

"So, which of you is the original Foxlover?" Blacksvoid asked.

"Me. Her. I don't know!" Foxlover said, then glanced at Foxlover. "Wait. You didn't say anything?" Foxlover shook her head, confused.

"Aha!" MDS cried, leaping from the doorway. "That Foxlover-" he pointed at the one who had spoken "-took the initiative to Blacksvoid's question. We can't know if she is the original, but she's the dominant one."

"Hey, don't group us like that!" Foxlover snapped.

"Therefore," MDS said, continuing as though nothing had happened. "She is Foxlover 1. You are Foxlover 2."

The Foxlovers glanced at each other. "I guess that's reasonable."

*Cricket chirping*

"So, is it weird to ship you two?" MDS and Blacksvoid asked.

"MDS! Blacky!" Foxlover 1 gasped. "Seriously?"

Blacksvoid sheepishly opened her mouth, but Foxlover 2 cut her off. "Would it really be that bad?"

"Huh?" Foxlover 1 said, turning around.

"W-would it be so bad to date me?"

"No! Foxy, no, I just meant-"

"That you don't like me? That I'm the absolute worst choice for a girlfriend?"

"No! You're amazing. It's just, we've just met, and-"

"We've known each other all our lives! We know each other's life story, thoughts, e-everything!"

"I- you're right, Foxlover. We've been fused all our lives, we know everything about the other. So..."

"Do you want to go out?"

Chapter 2Edit

"So, who's driving?"

The Foxlovers stared at the long black limo before them. Both were dressed very nicely, in identical slim black dresses.

"I can't drive? Can you?"

"What do you think?"

"Maybe Blacksvoid could take us."

"She can't drive either. Manatee's an adult, right?"

"That's right! He's nice, I bet he wouldn't mind."

5 minutes, one awesome limo, and one slightly annoyed Manatee later...

"Two fettuccine alfredos please, and a couple of hot chocolates," Foxlover 1 told the waiter, who scribbled it down on his notepad and flew away.

"How'd you know what I wanted?" Foxlover 2 asked, leaning her head on Foxlover 1's shoulder.

"Because it's what I wanted, silly."

"Ho yeah," Foxlover 2 giggled, then frowned, looking over at the other diners, all of whom looked slightly creeped out. "What's their problem?"

Foxlover 1 sat up straighter and shrugged. "Who knows? Surely they've seen lesbian foxes going on dates before. Although, we do..."

"Look like we're..."

"TWINS!?" The Foxlovers gagged and looked at each other in horror.

"T-they thought we were related?"


"Hey, are we related?"

"Um... not technically, no."

"I guess not..."

The Foxlovers sank into their seats, embarrassed.

"We can never come to this restaurant again."

Chapter 3Edit

Foxlover 2 was reading on the veranda when Foxlover 1 bounded into the room.

"Hey, Foxy," They greeted each other warmly.

"Do you want to go do the, you know, the thing?"

"The what?"

"The thing!"

"Um, no offense, but I feel it's a little too soon for that."

"Um, no, I meant do you want to go sneak into Glorybringer's apartment and steal that chocolate lava cake he was talking about. Remember, we were talking about it yesterday?"

"Oh yeah! Heh, I don't want to even think about what I thought you meant."

"What did you...oh, gross! Foxy!"


*Cricket chirping*

"This never happened."


"Want some cake?"

"You know it."

Chapter 4Edit

The Foxlovers were leaning against each other reading a book on the balcony. Since they had the exact reading speed, they were able to read the same book at the same time.

Suddenly, the Doctor Who theme rang from their pockets. The Foxlovers pulled their phones from their pockets. Caller ID: MDS

"Heya, MDS! How are you?"

"Hi, Foxlovers! Guess who has a new girlfriend?"

"Seriously? That's great! Who is she?"

"She's named Blobby, and-"


"Well, she's a blobfish."

"A blobfish?"


"How does that work? We're happy for you two, but just a little unsure about how a relationship between RainWing venom and a blobfish will go."

"Well, you're clones of each other. And what about when you were in a relationship with Scarlet?"

"Yeah, you're right- oh my Celestia, Scarlet!" The Foxlovers stared at each other in horror. Foxlover 1 shouted into the phone. "Well, um, we're really happy for you two! Say hi to Blobby for us! Got to run!"

"Wait, Foxlover, what-" Foxlover 1 hung up.

Foxlover 2 leaned onto Foxlover 1, paw on her forehead. "Oh, Foxy. What are we going to tell Scarlet?"

Chapter 5Edit

Foxlover 1 grinned at Foxlover 2, who was standing in shock at the sight before her. Foxlover 1 had managed to arrange a beautiful banquet for Foxlover 2, complete with service and high-quality Italian food, Foxlovers' favorite.

"Oh, Foxy! Thank you so much!" Foxlover 2 cried, latching onto the vixen beside her and kissing her on the snout. Foxlover 1 laughed and spun her around.

They took a seat next to each other. "Fettuccine alfredo?"

"We really need to expand our diet past chocolate and pasta...but yes!"

The waitress scribbled their order down in her notepad, then flew away. Ten seconds later, she returned with the pasta.

"Thanks- JB, is that you?"

The waitress nodded with a grin. "And the chef is GMDS."

Foxlover 1 blushed. "Well, I can't really afford professional staff."

Foxlover 2 wasn't concerned with that. "GMDS can cook Italian?"

One dish of pasta and five slices of totally-not-Glorybringer's chocolate lava cake later...

"That was good."

The Foxlovers curled up together on their bed. Foxlover 2 kissed Foxlover 1 lightly. "Thanks."

"You're welcome, Foxy. Glad you liked it."

"But, I know what you were trying to do. We can't just avoid the Scarlet issue."

Foxlover 1 sighed and turned onto her back. "We should just call her. We can't let this get anymore complicated, or we won't even be friends."

"Didn't Vermillion tell us that Scarlet usually kills her exes?"

"Oh, Celestia."

Chapter 6Edit

Scarlet stared at the two nervous foxes before her. "So, you're clones."


"And you're dating."

"That's right."

"And you're breaking it up with me to date yourself."

"Well, it sounds pretty narcissistic when you say it like that."

"It is! I thought I could trust you, but you're just as two-faced as every other dragon I've dated! And that's not thrilling at all."

The Foxlovers unsuccessfully tried to jump in front of each other. "Don't kill her!"

"Why not? Foxes are just prey anyways."

"Foxlover 1 glanced at Foxlover 2. Should we? She mouthed.

Foxlover 2 nodded.It's the only way.

"Because we can find you the perfect date... a dragon just like you, one who will never find someone they want more than you."

Scarlet considered. "Very well, you have 24 hours to find that dragon. And don't try to run, because I will find you."

"Of course, Scarlie! We won't let you down!"

"That's Your Highness to you!"

One bribed Blacksvoid and definitely-not-suspicious potion later...

"This had better not be poison."

"It's not! We may not be romantically invested in you anymore, but we still like you!"'

"We can even have Blacksvoid give you a list of the ingredients!"

"I don't have an ingredient list!" Blacksvoid protested, shooting a nervous look at Scarlet.

Scarlet scowled at them. "Fine...but if this poison, I swear I will kill all three of you with my last bit of energy."

Blacksvoid edged back nervously. "Why did I have to be here?"

Scarlet downed the potion.

5 seconds later...

"Did it work?"

"Did it work?"

"OH MOONS!" Scarlet screamed, leaping away from Scarlet, who did the same. They leaned towards each other curiously. "Oooh, this is thrilling..."

Blacksvoid nodded at one random Scarlet. "Just to make things easier, you'll be Scarl-"

The Foxlovers cut her off. "You're Scarlie," Foxlover 2 said, pointing at the Blacksvoid had nodded towards.

"And you're Scarry!" Foxlover 1 finished, flicking her tail at the other one.

The three shared a laugh and quickly ran off before any physical harm could be dealt to them.

Chapter 7Edit

Foxlover 1 was sneaking into Glorybringer's apartment, Foxlover 2 at her heels. It was not the first time they had done this. In fact, if they had to count, the two would agree that it was probably the 16th time they'd done this.

Foxlover 1 clambered through the window and pulled Foxlover 2 up with her. They slid into the RainWing's kitchen, giggling. Foxlover 2 was creeping towards the refrigerator and Foxlover 1 the pantry. Suddenly, Foxlover 2 stepped on a pressure plate. She shouted in surprise and fear as she was caught up in a net.

"Foxy!" Foxlover 1 cried, rushing to the net. The two vixens reached through the net for each other, paws barely touching.

"So it was you," hissed a voice. Foxlover 1 turned around, still holding her lover's paw, to see a dragon shrouded in darkness creeping towards them, talons clutching a police baton, eyes on fire.

"Stop! Let us go!"


2 unconscious foxes later..

The Foxlovers groaned, eyes flickering open. They immediately took in three things: their heads really hurt, they were tied to chairs, but most importantly, they were together.

"At last," Said a voice. A dragon swiveled their chair to face the Foxlovers, face shadowed by a fedora. The dragon tilted his face to the dim moonlight.

"Glorybringer?" The Foxlovers cried in unison.

"Yes. Now, I have a call to make." he dialed a number into the old-fashioned telephone beside him.

Foxlover 1 leaned towards Foxlover 2. "Who even uses that type of phone anymore?"

One old-fashioned phone call later...

"So...I'm supposed to be the "good cop"?"

"You could say that, Officer JB. Now interrogate those wretches!"

"Oookay..." JB leaned forward. "Hey there, you two! So we just want to ask you a few questions, then this'll be over and you can go."

"Right..." The Foxlovers shared a look.

"So," growled Glorybringer, tilting a desk lamp to shine directly into their faces. "How many times have you been here?"

"Um...this is the 16th time, right?" Foxlover 1 nodded, confirming Foxlover 2's statement.

"Good, you two! Honesty is a virtue!" JB praised them.

"You make a terrible good cop," The Foxlovers observed.

"Quiet, foxes! Have you been eating my desserts?"

"Yes," Foxlover 1 stated.

Glorybringer collapsed in horror. "Foxlovers, how could you?"

"You make a terrible bad cop."

Chapter 8Edit

Foxlover 2 sighed and curled up against Foxlover 1. It was a cold, snowy day, and the two foxes wanted to do nothing but just keep warm and enjoy each other's company. They would read a book, eat some chocolate, and generally it would be a nice, peaceful day.

Except for one problem.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN WE'RE OUT!?!?!?!" Foxlover 1 shouted.

"I MEAN THAT WE'RE OUT! GLORYBRINGER MUST'VE SNUCK IN AND STOLEN ALL OF HIS HOT COCOA MIX BACK!!!" Foxlover 2 roared back, undeterred bck her lover's frightening tone.

"We can't have a peaceful, picture-perfect snowy day without hot chocolate by the hearth!" Foxlover 1 cried.

"Maybe we could steal it back?"

"No, Glorybringer's started locking his doors and windows."

"Maybe the neighbors could lend us some?"

"Kraken's touring the ruins of the Summer Palace and Musky's all out!"

"So that means..."

"That we have to..."

"Go and buy some?!?!"

One bus trip and many shopping bags later...

"Hey Foxy! Look, marbled brownie mix!"

"Check out this chocolate lava cake!"

"Did you see the mocha almond fudge ice cream?"

"Take a look at these triple-fudge cupcakes!"

The other customers slowly backed away as the pair of vixens as they stampeded through the supermarket, grabbing anything and everything that was chocolate. Dumping their purchases on the counter, the clerk glared at them, unimpressed.

"That'll be $1,516, ladies."

Chapter 9Edit

Foxlover 1 paced nervously. "Are you done yet?"

"No!" snapped Foxlover 2 from behind the dressing curtain. "Just calm down."

"I can't calm down! We've been waiting for this for so long!" Foxlover 1 tried to poke her nose through the curtain, but retreated as Foxlover 2's black paw smacked her muzzle.

"I swear I'll be out in less than 5 minutes! Just adjust your outfit, alright?"

"Fine...." Foxlover 1 stepped in front of the mirror, frowning at her reflection. She smoothed down her white dress.

"Hmmm..." Foxlover 1 paced anxiously. Less than 10 minutes ago, she couldn't've been happier. She was going to go on the best, most amazing, awesomest date she could imagine with her girlfriend. A little while ago, she was the happiest fox in the world.

Now, she was probably the most terrified.

"Come on! We're going to miss it!"

"No we're not! We still have an hour!"

"Yeah, but we still have to count the time it'll take to get there, parking, the amount of time it'll take to walk to our seats, traffi-"

She was stopped by a black paw being pushed over her mouth. "Foxy, relax. Let's just go, okay?"

Foxlover 1 let out a sigh. "You look amazing."

"You too, Princess."

1 car ride, 2 hyperventilating foxes, and 59 minutes later...

Foxlover 2 leaned against Foxlover 1 in the front row of the theater, her head resting on her lover's shoulder. "See? Nothing to worry about."

Foxlover 1 ran her paw through Foxlover 2's spiked-up fur. "I guess I just wanted this night to be perfect."

"Hey! You're messing up my fur!" Foxlover 2 protested, wriggling away.

"Ah, my padawan," Foxlover 1 lectured, adopting an aloof tone. "If you ever wish to become a Jedi, you must learn that your fur cannot always stay picture-perfect."

"Easy for you to say," Foxlover 2 smirked, poking Foxlover 1's Leia buns.

Foxlover 1 was about to retaliate, but Foxlover 2 slapped a paw across her mouth. "It's starting!" The vixens settled into their seats as the age-old intro flashed across the big screen.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

Chapter 10Edit

The Foxlovers were at the library, looking at the books in the Young Adult section, because, as you may know, they are young adults.

Unfortunately for the couple, they had already read most of the books there, and, bored, sat together at one of the tables.

The table right in front of the one notorious series that neither had dared to read before-- Twilight.

"I really hate those books," Foxlover 1 growled, glaring at the books. The books stared innocently back.

"I know, right? Stupid tragic romance novels," Foxlover 2 agreed, sniffing disdainfully.

*Cricket chirping*

"Hey, Foxy, I'm going to go look at the, um, Harry Potter books."

"Good! I'll be at, er, Percy Jackson."

The two awkwardly shuffled away. Foxlover 2 disappeared around the corner, heading towards Harry Potter, while Foxlover 1 stood there and watched her go, then, as soon as she was sure Foxlover 2 was gone, she dashed to the bookcase and grabbed one of the copies of Twilight. Foxlover 1 hid in the Adult sci-fi section, settling down to read her guilty pleasure.

In the meantime, Foxlover 2 waited behind a bookcase until she heard Foxlover 1's posts fading away, then darted out and grabbed the other copy of Twilight. She raced over to the Adult Non-Fiction section, shooing away the annoyed adults and relaxing with her book.

The two stayed in their hiding spaces for a while, until the library started to close up. Too embarrassed to check out the novel on their shared library card, the two crept back to the Young Adult section to push the books back onto the shelves.

Foxlover 1 raced up to the shelf, searching and muttering under her breath. "Meyers, Meyers..." She looked up, nearly getting a heart attack as she saw foxlover 2 coming towards her glancing over her shoulder. Foxlover 1 shoved Twilight into a random place on the shelf, putting on a fake smile.

Foxlover 2 looked forwards towards the shelf- and gasped, noticing her girlfriend. "h-hey, Foxy!" She shoved the book behind her back.

"Hey there!" Foxlover 1 felt jittery, and looking for an excuse to change he subject, said, "What book have you got?"

"Um, just a Harry Potter book... what did you shove into the shelf?"

"Um! Percy Jackson!"

Foxlover 2 cocked her head, suspicious. "That's not where that series goes."

Foxlover 1 searched desperately for a response. Annoyed, Foxlover 2 made a grab for the book on the shelf.

"No!" Foxlover 1 yelped, shoving herself in front of the shelf. Foxlover 2's paw jolted into her, knocking Twilight from the one behind her back.


Blushing furiously, Foxlover 2 stammered, "W-well, you were hiding something too!" She shoved Foxlover 1 aside and yanked out Foxlover 1's Twilight.

*Cricket chirping*

"Um...let's just check out the books we want to read from now on."


Chapter 11Edit

Foxlover 1 and Foxlover 2 walked arm in arm up the steps of Fox Knights High (Because apparently this wiki is a high school now), giggling and nuzzling each other. They walked happily into the school...and stopped dead in shock.

Not a single person was absent.

The Foxlovers crept nervously through the school, eyeing the excited students. Clumps of girls giggled in corners, and a bunch of the boys were snorting and poking each other.

"Hey! Foxlovers!"

The Foxlovers turned to see 3moons waving at them from behind a table filled with flyers and posters. "Three moons, it's 3moons!" The Foxlovers grinned in relief, swerving and ducking to meet up with their friend. "How're you doing? What's all this?" The Foxlovers gestured at the cluttered table.

"I'm good! And this-" 3moons gestured proudly. "Are some ads for the prom."

"PROM?!" 3moons was blown back by the Foxlovers' yelp of surprise.

"Um, yes? Why did you think nofox was skipping?"

"Well, um..."

"It was, er..."

"Never mind! Where's the poll table?"

3moons pointed across the hall, to where Princess Firefly was sitting at a folding table and rocking out with headphones. The Foxlovers charged across the hall and carefully lifted the headphones from Firefly's ears. The Nyan Cat Song blasted across the hall.

Jolted out of her musical reverie, Firefly jumped in surprise and shut off the song. "Hey there, Foxlovers! How can I help you?"

"We wish to sign up for Prom Queen!"

Firefly blinked in surprise. "Um, okay...but if one of you wins, you realize that the Prom King will probably be a total stranger."

"What? No, no, we want to both be Prom Queen. No King."

"Sorry, but it doesn't work that way. Society demands that we have an ordinary straight couple as leaders of the dance."

"Well, screw society! As LGBT vixens, we demand fair representation!" Their eyes glowed with righteous fury. "And we will do whatever it takes to get it."

And so, it begins...

Chapter 12Edit

"Hey! You! Right there!" Foxlover 1 pounced on Shadow, waving a flyer in front of his face. "Do you think gay couples should be able to be Prom King and King/Queen and Queen?"

"Um, yes? And can you please get off of me?"

Foxlover 1 moved away, allowing Shadow to stand up. "Great! Please sign this petition, then!" She handed the flyer to Shadow, who confusedly signed. "Thanks! Now go and ask Moon to Prom already! Even if gay couples are allowed to be the Prom leaders, that doesn't mean straight ones will be banned! You two still have a shot at being Prom King and Queen!"

"Oh, I dunno, Foxy," Foxlover 2 grinned, thanking Musky, who she had just "convinced" to sign the flyer. "I think he's going to ask Sahel instead."

"Ooooh, you're right; he might! Major choice, Shadow. Hope you choose the right dragoness!" The Foxlovers laughed and high-fiver as a blushing and mumbling Shadow flew quickly away.

The Foxlovers got a few more students to sign the petition, then put the two pieces of paper together.

"How many signatures do we need?" asked Foxlover 1.

"According to Firefly, 100."

The two counted the signatures, faces falling. "99? We need 100."

"Wait, Foxy according to this record of the student population, there are only 99 students!"

"We were tricked!"

"Well, wait. We just need to get another student to transfer here and get them to sign the paper, then it'll work!"

"Of course! C'mon, let's go find a transfer student!"

"But who should it be? Obviously somefox we know."

"And some fox who likes us."

"And who we can tease endlessly."

The two looked at each other in delight, grins lighting up their faces. "Sahel!"

Chapter 13Edit

"HA!! We thwarted your evil plan!" The Foxlovers shouted, slamming the form down on Principal Wikia Staff's desk. "100 signatures! Now can we be Prom Queens?"

Principal Wikia Staff looked over the paper. "Yes, you can run for it. Though may I ask, what evil plan?"

"You wanted 100 signatures, but there were only 99 students here!"

"Oh. I didn't make up the rule for 100 signatures, that's just standard procedure issued by the School Board. I'm honestly sorry about that rule."

"Hmmm... well, thanks!" The Foxlovers slunk out of the room, watching the principal through narrowed eyes.

"He's so weird," whispered Foxlover 1.

"I know! And he's wearing sunglasses indoors," Foxlover 2 hissed back.

The pair were so busy backing away from the office that they ran into a passing student. "Oh, sorry Nova!" They helped her up. "Guess what? Gay couples can be leader of the Prom now!"

Nova blinked at them, a little disoriented. "That's great! Are you going to run?"

"Yeah, we are." Foxlover 2 leaned into Foxlover 1.

Foxlover 1 giggled. "You and 3moons should run too!"

Nova blushed in surprise! "Hey! You know we're just friends!"

But the Foxlovers were already running away down the hall, breaking into uncontrolled laughter along the way.

3 days, endless amounts of advertisements, and 100 annoyed students later...

"And the Prom leaders are..." Firefly pulled up the slip of paper with a flourish. "Shadow and Sahel!"

The Foxlovers applauded with everyfox else. Even though they hadn't won, they had made a difference. They had added to the student population, successfully helped their friends achieve the honor of being Prom King and Queen (Totally not against their will...), and made it possible for LGBT couples in the future to lead Prom. Therefore, though they were just another couple at the Prom tonight, the felt like they had won just as much as Shadow and Sahel.

Chapter 14Edit

~Welcome to the Fox Knights Chat!~Edit

Foxlover 1 has joined the chat

Foxlover 2 has joined the chat

Foxlover 1: Hello all!

Foxlover 2: Hello all!

Shadow W. has joined the chat

Foxlover 1: Hey there Shadowwatcher!

Foxlover 2: Hey there Shadowwatcher!

Shadow W.: -_-

Blacksvoid has joined the chat

Foxlover 1: BLACKY!!! *Tackles*

Foxlover 2: BLACKY!!! *Tackles*

Blacksvoid: Maybe you two should get a shared account...

Foxlover 1: Oooh, good idea!

Foxlover 2: Oooh, good idea!

Foxlover 1 has left the chat

Foxlover 2 has left the chat

Blacksvoid: ...

Shadow W.: ...

* Shadow W. bites Blacky's tail

Blacksvoid: GET OFF OF MY TAIL!

The Foxlovers has joined the chat

The Foxlovers: Ugh, look at the chat thingy's grammar. "The Foxlovers has"?

Blacksvoid: Well, it is a bot...


Shadow W.: *Is still biting Blacky's tail*

Blacksvoid: >:(

Firefly has joined the chat












3moons has joined the chat

3moons: XD

The Foxlovers: Don't judge us.


This chapter has no plot.

The Fourth Wall has joined the chat

The Fourth Wall: Foxlovers, you have disturbed me. PREPARE FOR YOUR DOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!

Blacksvoid: 0_____________o *Runs away*


3moons: *Runs away too*

The Foxlovers: Hey 3moons, are you three moons, one moon, or not a moon?

Firefly: THERE'S NO TIME!!!!! *Grabs the Foxlovers and runs away*

Shadow W.: *Is dragged along behind Blacky*

The Fourth Wall: >8DD RUN!! RUN WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!!!! *Starts to collapse*

The Foxlovers: AHHHHHH! I love you, Foxy! I love you too, Foxy!

Blacksvoid: ...

Shadow W.: We're not dead.

Firefly: SO that wasn't really the fourth wall!

3moons: But who could it be?


3moons: Nova?

The Fourth Wall: NOPE

The Foxlovers: GB?

Shadow W.: Musky?

The Fourth Wall: NOPE AND NOPE

Blacksvoid: So you have to be MDS.

The Fourth Wall: UM


Firefly: *Sigh*

Firefly has left the chat

Blacksvoid has left the chat

Shadow W. has left the chat

3moons has left the chat

The Foxlovers: See you guys next chapter!

The Fourth Wall: CAREFUL, LITTLE FOX!!!!

The Foxlovers: Eeeep!

The Foxlovers has left the chat'

The Fourth Wall has left the chat

Chapter 15Edit

Glorybringer hovered outside of the Foxlovers' window, trying to squint through the curtains. Shadow was perched on his back, also peering through.

"Do you mind flying?" Glorybringer growled. "You're perfectly capable of it."

"This is more comfortable," Shadow replied nonchalantly. He rapped on the glass.

"What are you doing?" asked Blacksvoid, flying up to them.

"Trying to wake up the Foxlovers." Glorybringer dragged his claws across the glass. he other two dragons shielded their ears.

"I've got a key," said Blacksvoid, dangling it in front of Shadow and Glorybringer. "Not to their bedroom, though. We'd all hate to walk in on anything."

Luckily, nothing more was said on that subject as the trio walked to the Foxlovers' front door. Blacksvoid fit the key into the lock and turned.


Thankfully, in the event of any non-fox visitors coming over, the Foxlovers' house had huge celings, allowing Glorybringer and Blacksvoid to walk upright with out hunching. After checking the other rooms in the house, the three found themselves standing outside the bedroom door, feeling slightly nauseous. What if they were...

But the door was unlocked, and the Foxlovers were too careful for that to have been an oversight. Slowly Glorybringer opened the door to reveal the Foxlovers curled up in an enormous fluffy comforter with a giant Darth Vader head advertising, "COME TO THE DARK SIDE: WE HAVE COOKIES!"

Blacksvoid walked over to the bed and gently shook the couple. "Foxlovers. Foxlovers. Wake up, it's 10:00."

The Foxlovers awoke with a tired scowl and glared daggers at the three responsible for waking them, causing the dragons to take an involuntary step back. "No. It's 9:00," they snarled, flopping back onto Vader.

"D-daylight savings, Floofys." Shadow stuttered, flinching as the tired vixens' wrath was projected towards him.

"Screw daylight savings," They growled.

Glorybringer winked at Blacksvoid and Shadow. "It's 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820974944592307816406286208998628034825367982148086513282306647093... Day, and all the others and I made some pies. But, if you don't want to come..." He didn't have to say anymore.

The Foxlovers slowly rose. "Fine. Make sure that there's chocolate creme." They yawned and trudged towards the bathroom. "We're taking a shower. When's this Pi Pie Party?"


"You mean 11:00."


"Screw. Daylight. Savings."

Chapter 16Edit

The Foxlovers were listening to music on their phones and eating the latest cake they had "borrowed" from Glorybringer when suddenly the Imperial March cut off, replaced with the Doctor Who theme ringtone of their phones.


"Hey Foxlovers. Black here. Listen, you won't believe what just happened!"

"Which is?"

"Well, I was playing Minecraft, and Herobrine- the Herobrine! -came and burned all of my stuff to the ground!"

"Oh, that's horrible, Blacky!"

"What?! No it's not!"

"But you said-"

"I mean, I'm kind of upset that all my stuff is gone, but we have to find Herobrine!"

"To... get revenge on him?"

"No! I'm in love with him."

"Knowing you, we're more surprised than we should be."

"Shut up. Will you help me?"

"Alright... but we suck at Minecraft. And most video games."

"It's fine, I can teach you. We've got to find him!"

"Alright, alright. Now, we just doing very important stuff, so we need to get back to that now."

"Thanks. Bye!" Black hung up.

The Foxlovers put their phones back into their pockets, picked up their forks, and relaxed as they listened to the upbeat music of the Cantina Band.

Chapter 17 Edit

The Foxlovers were lounging on some couches in the library, completely bored. Nothing seemed to satisfy them lately, not even Glorybringer's totally-not-stolen chocolate cake.

"So.... what do we do?" Foxlover 1 asked her clone.

"I don't know......" she responded. They pondered this for a moment and then Foxlover 2 said, "Uh, what about stealing more cake?"

"Naw, we've already done that."

"Help Blacky on her quest?"

"Too stressful."

"Watch anime?"

'Too lazy."

"Harass Shadow?"

"I wish, but how? He basically knows almost every thing we might trick him into doing!"

Then a sudden realization hit them both. "Unless....." Foxlover 1 whispered, stroking her invisible beard.

Foxlover 2 grinned at her fellow vixen. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

The arctic fox smiled back. "I think I think what you are thinking!"

They both cackled evilly, then were shushed by the librarian, and finally skittered back to their home, their malicious plan circling around their heads.

Two hours and one black market-bought object later......

Shadow was secretly drawing Shadowvoid ship art in his house to add to his collection. He was just finishing a drawing of him and Blacksvoid sitting together below a starry sky when someone rang the doorbell. He yelped, his all of his art below his pillow, and went to answer the door. He opened it and saw that nobody was there. Then he noticed a packaged gift lying on his doorsteps with a note attached to it.

"What's this?" he wondered as he picked of the note and read it. It said:

To our dear purple ball of fun.

Nyefully, the Foxlovers.

"Huh." Shadow muttered and glanced at the wrapped gift. "I wonder what's in it."

He picked up the present and took it inside. He dropped it on the coffee table and unwrapped it. Inside layer a glass bottle with a mysterious and probably radioactive purple liquid bubbling inside.

"OOOOH!" Shadow squealed. "Purple!" He picked up the bottle and drank the whole thing in one sitting.

Immediately, the Nightwing started to feel queasy. He yelped as he felt himself grow smaller and smaller, as he felt his wings disappear and as he felt his scales turn furry. His snout grew tinier, his ward changed shape, his eyes changed and..... after a couple of uncomfortable minutes, it stopped.

Shadow stood there petrified for a moment and then stretched. "W-what happened?" he yawned confused. He walked around his somehow larger house. "D-did my house become big or is it just me?" he asked himself.

He finally found a mirror in the living room where he could look at his reflection. Shadow gasped and jumped backwards. He later slowly advanced towards the mirror and touched it with his talon. Or, what used to be his talon.

"No." he said in disbelief. "I...I was transformed into a cat! A PURPLE CAT!!!!"

Outside, looking through the window, Foxlover 1 and Foxlover 2 giggled as they held their phones to capture every moment on film.

Chapter 18Edit

The Foxlovers were lounging moodily on their Vader comforter. They had nothing to do that day, and it was boring. Reading? Done, and the library was closed. Going on a date? If only, but last night's disaster had put them off romantic dates for a little bit. Sleeping? If only, but it was impossible for the vixens to fall back asleep once they were awake.

Foxlover 1 reached across Foxlover 2 to pick up her phone. Typing in the password, she clicked on Reminders, because even lazy bisexual vixens have responsibilities. Foxlover 1 skimmed through said responsibilities until she found something that interested her.

"Hey Foxy, want to help Blacky with her quest?"

"I guess so... it might get us back into a romantic mood, after...y'know."

10 minutes, 1 bus ride, and many irritated passengers (The Vader comforter didn't take up that much space! So what if a few people had to stand?) later...

Blacky opened her door to two very excited arctic foxes wrapped in a giant comforter.

"Blacky! Have no fear the Foxlovers are here!"

"In the name of the moon, we will help you find Herobrine!"

Blacksvoid stared blankly. "Excuse me?"

The Foxlovers rolled their eyes. "We're going to follow through on our promise and help you on your quest!"

"Okay, but what was that about the moon?"

"We've been watching a lot of Sailor Moon recently! Now let us in!"

Blacky wordlessly stepped aside, watching Vader trail on the floor behind the Foxlovers.

Foxlover 2 glanced over her shoulder. "Do you, perchance, have an extra computer?"

Foxlover 1 nodded. "We kinda left ours at home."

Blacky sighed. "I get the computer and laptops, you make hot chocolate."

"Do you have Girl Scout Cookies?"

"Hopefully Samoas?"

"Yes, but you'll have to fetch my comforter as well. It has C3-PO, R2-D2, and BB-8 playing poker on it."

"Then you'll have to get chocolate bundt cake for us."


"Eep! Never mind!"

Chapter 19Edit

"This is it," whispered Blacksvoid, he eyes huge and filled with stars. "We'e made it. He should be in this cave, surrounded by monsters... but leave the monsters to the mighty Blacksvoid! Those creepers won't stand a chance!" She turned around to look at the Foxlovers' avatar, who they had customized to look like Nico. Nico the Foxlovers didn't even shift at Blacky's glorious news.

"Um...Foxys?" Blacky leaned back in her chair, for a better view of the IRL Foxlovers. They were curled around each other, their custom double headphones over their fluffy white ears, not seeming to even hear a word Blacky was saying. Blacky leaned dangerously far back, her comforter tangling around the wheels of her spinny chair. What was up with those vixens? Even the peaceful Minecraft music wasn't that engrossing. Then she noticed the tears streaming down their cheeks, the moist eyes, and the subtlest sniffles. The Foxlovers were weeping- quietly, politely, sobbing their eyes out.

Blacky paused her game, wrapped her blanket around herself, and marched over to the Foxlovers. She leaned over their heads and, instead of a blocky cave and customized avatar, on the screen was Captain America, Iron Man, and the Winter Soldier attacking each other. Black cursed loudly and yanked off the double headphones. the Foxlovers jumped and quickly paused the movie, wiping away the tears.

"Seriously?" snapped Blacky. "I'm going on the most important quest of my life, trying to find my one true love, and you're watching Captain America: Civil War on an illegal movie site? Without me?"

"Oh come on," complained Foxlover 1. "We'll help you at the important part."

"Yeah, now let us watch the movie! We were at a good part!"

"THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART! I've almost found Herobrine!"

"Keyword is hopefully almost?"

"Keyword is Herobrine!"

Foxlover 1 turned to her girlfriend. "Well, Foxy, that is an issue, isn't it?"

"And the movie was almost over, too..."

The Foxlovers made puppy eyes at Blacky, who ignored their pleas and peered at the screen again.

"Oh, I don't believe you two."


"You don't shed a tear when Kylo Ren murders his own father- the beloved and revered Han Solo, I might add- and shoves him over the catwalk to his death, but the Captain and Stark start beating each other up and you can't stop sobbing?"

"Hey! It's not just a fight scene!"

"The feels are strong here, padawan."

"Can't you feel how hurt, betrayed, upset Stark is right now?"

"And to see him and Cap almost killing each other... it's ripping my heart out!"

"Oh, shut up, you crazy vixens." Blacky pushed between the Foxlovers, got off of Google Chrome ("We were watching that!" the Foxlovers complained), got back on Minecraft, and started typing furiously on the keyboard. Finally she pushed away, satisfied.

"You are now locked in the app. There is no getting off of Minecraft without the password, and that means no getting off until I make Briney mine!" She clapped her talons together, smirked a the Foxlovers, and skipped back to her computer.

The Foxlovers exchanged crestfallen looks. "Dammit..."

Chapter 20Edit

"So, as I was saying," Blacky continued, her eyes once again filling with stardust. "We're at the cave of Herobrine. Just inside, we will find him, his secrets, and then he and I will fall in love and get married!"

"Well, that escalated quickly."

"Can we be the bridesmaids?"

Blacky smirked. "Who else? Let's go." She and the Foxlovers stepped into the cave. "A-alright... maybe not just inside." Stretching before the trio was a long, dark labyrinth, the monsters' growls echoing inside the cavern.

The Foxlovers drew their bow and nocked an arrow. "As the kids say: YOLO!!!!!!!!!!"

They started to charge into the darkness, but Blacky smacked them upside the head. "You idiots! Just turn on peaceful mode!"

"Oh, that makes sense."

"Wait, why didn't you do that before?!"

Blacky tastefully chose not to answer. "Brew up a couple of night vision potions- we'll need them."

One harrowing labyrinth, several night vision potions, and 3 irl hours later...

"We're... there," gasped Blacky.

"Are we? So where's his secret lair?"

"Yeah, all I see are rocks, more rocks, and..."

"I say! Foxy, could those be-"

"More rocks?!"

Blacky sighed. "His lair should be at the heart of the maze. Any second now, we'll activate a trip wire or someth- whoa!" Blacky trod on a small, almost invisible black button, which set off a redstone line, which plunged all three of them into the abyss.