Black Tip sat by his small burrow, waiting for someone who was SUPPOSED to come. He grumbled to himself, swishing his tail back and forth. Finally, he saw the orange patch in the distance, steadily growing closer. "How do you stand it here?" Silt asked. "It's a literal wasteland!" Black- Tip snorted. "I'm an Artic fox: this is my home. I could ask you how you could live in the forest, but you couldn't answer that. So are we just going to sit here doing idle chit chat, or are we tracking this criminal?" Silt shuffled her paws. "Of course we will, but I just want to know if you have anything to eat." Black-Tip rolled his eyes. "We'll eat on the way."

Silt padded beside Black-Tip, her tail drooping and her expression morose. "Listen," The Artice fox said. "If you're THAT hungry, we can stop to eat." Silt picked her head up. "Huh? No, I was just wondering about the case. Who could have committed such a crime?" Black-Tip nodded, pondering. The question on who could have murdered the governor was a hard one. "We need more facts," Black-Tip decided. When they finally got to the government hous, Police foxes were taping the area up and interrogating passerby. Two detective foxes were on the scene, scribbling notes down. At first Black-Tip wouldn't look at the crime scene. He looked at anything else- the ground the sky, even random foxes. Finally he walked up to the police officers and asked, "Can I and my associate take a look?" One fox started to protest, but the others shushed him, telling him, "It's Black-Tip." Black-Tip shoved his way into the house, and Silt followed him.

When they pushed into the building, Silt looked around in horror. The governor was lying in the middle of the floor, mouth slightly open and sightless eyes staring to the sky. There were blood marks on the wall, but no mark on the victim.