If I am going to tell you about the adventure of my life, to explain how I got to this place with these canines, and did what I'm going to do next, I should probably start by explaining a little bit about PipDogs.

A PipDog is a device, worn on the foreleg just above the paw, issued to everyfox in a Den once they become old enough to start work. A true marvel of science, your PipDog will keep a constant measure of your health and even help administer healing poultices and other medicine, track and organize everything in your packs, assist with repairs, and keep all manner of notes and maps available at a pawtap. Plus, it allows you to listen to the Den broadcast whenever you would like since it can tune into and decrypt just about anything. And that's not all. A fox's PipDog generates an E.F.S. (Eyes-Forward Sparkle) that will indicate direction and help gauge whether the foxes or creatures around you are hostile. And, perhaps most impressively, a PipDog can aid you in a fight for brief periods of time using D.A.T.S.(Den-Tec Assisted Targeting System). Oh, and a feature not to be forgotten: it can keep track of the location of tagged objector canines, including the wearers of other PipDogs. So if a fox got lost- don't ask me how you could get lost in a Den, but it does happen occasionally- anyfox who knew the lost fox's tag could find them instantly.

It can even glow like a lamp.

So, PipDogs are really a testament to the advances of fox science. And yes, having a PipDog is a huge advantage. So, it's hard to impress upon a fox who's never lived in a Den how ordinary, how pedestrian PipDogs are in the eyes of Den dwellers. All that stuff I mentioned? Most foxes don't even use half of that.

Once a vixen escapes the Den and finds herself all alone in the wasteland, though, she starts to appreciate that PipDog a little bit more...

My name is Blackberry. Pleased to meet you, and this is my story...

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