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Welcome to the Fox Knights of WOF WikiaEdit

The Fox Knights of WOF believe in foxes as beautiful creatures...this originates from the Wings of Fire wiki because why not?

Here at the Fox Knights of WOF wiki, we create characters and fanfictions relating to or about the Fox Knights, a mysterious organization dedicated to defending Pyrrhia. Please do not create a page for a canon character from WOF without asking an admin.

Speaking of that, if you have any questions (i.e., Why are you guys so obsessed with foxes, is Queen Scarlet secretly a fox, WTF is this place, etc...), please feel free to ask any of our active admins: Glorybringer, MDS, and Blacky. Wishing you the power of wings of foxfire!

Our MissionEdit

We believe foxes are beautiful, and are better than poptarts....I mean, of course there're things better than poptarts.

Right? RIGHT?

The Fox Knights are devoted to the beautiful land of Pyrrhia, and we will do anything to protect it. Whether you be a dragon, scavenger, or fox...or in one severe case, a dodongo, feel free to join the Knighthood, and take a part in protecting this continent that is our home!


  • Be respectful towards all users, no matter what religion/race/ethnicity/gender or orientation
  • Let's keep things PG-13, people. No excessive profanity, gore, or explicit content, please.
  • No flaming or bullying
  • No vandalism or badge farming
  • No insulting foxes


  • OCS don't have to be foxes, but must have some sort of connection
  • We do technically have Canon things, but both fanon and Canon content are allowed here

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