Hey I'm making a Fanfic! As you can see, it's a let's just skip the boring stuff and get to the fanfic! 

Chapter 1Edit

"King Sandpit?" The little Sanddodongowing looked around for his king. Apparently Master King Inferno was rallying up all the kings. It was supposed to be some meeting about something or another. And Pitviper, King Sandpit's advisor, had to find his king. "King Sandpit!" He called out for the umpteenth time. "Where'd you go?" He'd checked the throne room already, no sign, he'd checked everywhere. Except my mini-cave. He turned 'round the corner and soon got to his quite large mini-cave. He saw King Sandpit looking through his scrolls. "King Sandpit! I've been looking everywhere for you... Master King Inferno needs you're help in deciding something." "About?" "I dunno, something about foxes." 

"He really wants us to have a meeting for something about foxes? Really?" "Yes Sir, indeed he does! I know you believe that it's quite stupid but-" 


"It could be important..." King Sandpit just sighed and frowned. "I guess you could be right....." And with that he trudged off, muttering incomprendicies.

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