"I see what horrible things other foxes do. My job is to stop them. I guess I'm kind of a detective." -Black-Tip

Black-Tip is an Artic fix with black markings on his tail and around his eyes. His friends call him Stripe. I SAID HIS FRIENDS. So if he says you can call him Stripe, it's a big honor.

Personality Edit

You would never guess his personality from the way he walks and looks. His face is pale and guant, his fur is unbrushed, you can see some of his ribs, and he looks sleep deprived. However, he is an optimist. Constantly looking at the bright side of things, kind of like, "That could be worse!"

Family Edit

Stated on the info box.

History Edit

Underneath his facade, he is a detective at heart. The reason for this is his father was murdered when he was little. No one knows by whom, but he studied detection to find out.

By Kraken the Seawing