Alopex is a devious, cunning, and very lethal, fox... who, unfortunately for their race, hates everything even part dodongo...unless of course, the dodongo is part fox, he can live with that. He hated them more than a squirrel hates a human that's cutting down it's tree. He wants them all dead, and will stop at nothing to eradicate them all...and any fox that stand in his way, and would have no second thoughts about it. Most other foxes, disagree with his ideas about the fire-breathing dinosaurs, seeing as they live their lives more peacefully than before, now that they're in Redemption. But Alopex needs an army to destroy the dodongos...and will stop at nothing to get one.....


He may be named after an arctic fox, but by no means looks like one. He's dark black with a blood-red stripe running through his back, down to his tail and up through his snout. He has green eyes, that give him excellent night vision. He has a scar running through his right eye...although if you ask him where you can find where the person who did it to him stays, he'll point you towards the nearest graveyard.


Once Alopex sets his mind to something, it's near-impossible to get him to give up on it. He doesn't hesitate to kill, or to trick and manipulate poor victims to do his bidding. He can get you to believe every word he says, and get you to be as loyal as a dog and its master. Soon enough you'll be doing everything he says, without a second thought. But if the need be, he'll end you're life in a few seconds, normally in creative ways. He hates dodongos and wishes to eradicate each and every one.


He's extremely smart, and can find out what you desire faster than you can. He has a special way of convincing you to do everything he says. Soon enough he'll  learn you're weaknesses and you're strengths and use it to his advantage.