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• 7/6/2018

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• 2/8/2017

Boredom and other fun things

i had an idea for a roleplay and it totally fits nowhere
also its totally complicated
ill talk about it i guess
respond to me so i know that youre listening yay
im highlighting this because whats the pain tbh
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• 8/28/2016

newpost 4.4920429243

this is totally so that the wiki doesnt die
chat it up
i dont think it matters what we post
remember get off topic get messy and clean up your mess and make mistakes and fix them said ms frizzle
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• 6/28/2016

Bye bye Foxy

I'm leaving for realsies this time. You don't need me, I can barely come on, and I care about other things way more now. I'm fading into the background here. So, goodbye.
Perilthechamp, sorry that I couldn't fit you into Unfortunate Cloning before I left. Perhaps Blacky will do that when she finishes it.
Shadow-chan, my dying request is that you admit your feelings for Bloody-sama and Sahel-senpai. JUST DO IT.
Everyfox else, I'm so sorry. I'll miss you, but I have new oppurtunities that I can't pass up. I hope you get new oppurtunities too.
Farewell, Floofy.
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• 6/26/2016


(It'd be great if someone would highlight this)
Okay, there have been waaaaayyyyyy too few edits around here. I mean, the last edit was 3 days ago. We can't let this be an abandoned wiki!
So go to a page that you made that barely has anything on it. Badge farm all you want. BUT WE NEED TO GET THIS WIKI UP AND RUNNING AGAIN!
There are 56 pages on this wiki. Surely you can edit just one?
So as ssoon as you see an abandoned page, alert the owner they need to work on it.
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• 6/1/2016

Zootopia: Aftermath Discussion 2

i hope we all know what's happening
we do, right?
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• 5/10/2016

[RP] Summer Party

dont be mean
be nice
dont be rude
be polite
have fun
no canon characters as you
me as cairo
blacksvoid as le blacky
foxlover16 as floofy. er, ies.
rioko as torrent the fish
gmds as a mini shadowstalker
btw we are reviving this wiki in progress
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• 4/14/2016

Random Harry Potter Cross-Over

I had an idea and it sounded cool in my head so why not
-I want to do OCs at Hogwarts doing school n stuff
-Dragons and foxes are allowed
-No canon
-Ship OR ELSE )jk(
- Avispado (Glorybringer :0)
-Shamen (JB)
- Ashes (Musky)
- Copper (peril)
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• 4/7/2016

Auto Correct has joined this wiki!

Auto Correct has joined this wiki. Now it will try to fix every little mistake. On this thread you may mess with it, make it angry, or even get your revenge on it!
Hello I am Auto Correct! Now spell correctly, and remember how to use your grammar... or else....
This is brought to you by Your Worst Nightmares and Enemies Inc.
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• 4/4/2016

We can take something good out of this.

Fox said she would be back in the summer. She's not gone for good.
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• 4/4/2016

Foxlover's Farewell...

So, as most of you know, Foxlover16 has been kind of inactive due to the fact that she wasn't allowed to go to the wiki and be with us, so she's been sneaking here ever so often to chat with us. But, unfotunetaly, she was caught and now she might not come back until summer.
This below is the thing she posted on her wall quickly to let us now:

  thanks, blacky. sorry that i have to leave, but i'm banned from the internet because my mom caught me sneaking downstairs in the middle of the night to watch anime. and now i can't see that anime character that i  have a crush on anymore!
anyways, i might find a way to communicate every once in a while, but i probably won't be back for a long time, at least until summer.
and also, you're now in charge of unfortunate cloning.
That is all Foxy wrote about in the post. So, now I'm in charge of her fanfiction, taking her place as an admin, and yeah. All of that. BUT, since she's has been a good friend to all of us, I suggest we all leave her nice and insipirational messages on her wall or something. She might probably be able to read them and see that we all miss her and make her feel better!
Also, because I'm one of her friends, I HAVE DECIDED TO MAKE AN EPIC ART DRAWING JUST FOR HER!!!!!!!!!!!!! (kind of like what Sahel did to Perilsflame, except its not a speed drawing and just a normal drawing.) If you want to be in the picture or be mentioned somewhere, tell me and I'll do it!
Thank you all again and we all wish Foxy good luck!
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• 3/29/2016

Zootopia: Aftermath Discussion

Yeah, the ATTENTION one got full. So here we are.
What we have and need:
Title: Zootopia: Aftermath, also known as BLAJJLIUP NJJJGNWN.
Characters: (shrug)
Here's the unofficial cover page i made, which still needs a title-

umm so this is cover page where should the title go? what color?
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• 3/19/2016

St. Patricks Day roleplay

~Happy St. Patricks Day!~
One St. Patricks Day, 6102, a bunch of people held an awesome party in the Claws of the Clouds mountains. But there is a weird little green thing running amuck, and rainbows with pots of gold...
Come join the party!!
The party isn't like the Valentines day one, but instead it is just a local party with 10 or 15 people.
Glorybringer- Cairo
MDS- Frog
Blacksvoid- Blacksvoid
Foxlover- The Foxlovers
3moons- Nightfall
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• 3/18/2016

[RP well kinda =P] Choices

Soooo, this is kinda a RP where I post options and you guys vote on what the next desion is. So now I need suggestions on what senario this is, like is it a Zootopia senario? Or a Apocolyptic senario? Or even just a fox/dragon city? So thats a good reason polls exist!

JSSnippetsStack.push({dependencies:["/extensions/wikia/AjaxPoll/css/AjaxPoll.scss","/extensions/wikia/AjaxPoll/js/AjaxPoll.js"],callback:function(json){AjaxPoll.init(json)},id:"AjaxPoll.init"})What senario will this take place in?  Zootopia kinda thing 0 Apocolyiptic senario 1 Fox/dragon city 9 The poll was created at 01:22 on March 18, 2016, and so far 10 people voted. Please wait, submitting your vote...
You choose!
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• 3/7/2016

The Elevator

Its Friday the thirteenth.
and the new haunted house just opened up, with an elevator to go to different floors.
A really big elevator.
Anyhow, everyone piled in to it.
What happens when your inside?
A lot.
Random things will happen when you go from floor to floor.
Dangerous or Deadly.
Will you get in the elevator?
No more than one oc per person!
Do not play as canon characters!
I will make the random stuff happen... idk actually
You have to be in the elevator (unless it opens somewhere else)
Glorybringer- Cairo
Foxlover16- Foxlover 1 and 2 (or not)
3moons- Nightfall
Skyfire- Skyfire (welcome young padawan)
Blacksvoid- Blacksvoid
Musky- Flicker
MDS- Frog
Firefly- Caiman
GMDS- Shadowstalker
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• 3/2/2016

Curse of the were-Fox discussion board

This is for discussing the rp here to save space
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• 2/20/2016

CURSE of the were-fox

The village of Vixensdale has always been an important village of the woodlands. But something is wrong....Foxes  and dragons have gone missing. Animals, screaming away at night. Eerie growling noises heard. A shapeshifter is blamed....but is there really a shapeshifter? O
No Canon characters, OCs only.
Please post name of your character to join :)

Frog- MDS
Avispado- GB
Everglade- 3moon
Fox lover-Foxlover
Empty slot
Empty slot
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• 2/16/2016


it's gona come to this I made a shiping board.

you will not be judged
only ship Fox Knight OCs and Users
do not ship Users if they don't want to be shipped
don't ship 3moons
Only do shiping don't get off topic
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• 2/14/2016

[RP] Valentine's Day Dance

(For Valentine's Day :P)
Once upon a time, there was a world known as Pyrrhia. In Pyrrhia, foxes and dragons alike roamed.
On February 14th, 6102, all of the foxes and dragons from all times and places came to the most loveable dance ever! This year it is being held at Scarlet's Palace in the Arena! It is a 3 week long experience, and everybody is assigned a room. Think of it like summer camp, but with Valentine's dances every day and constant refresments, and even special RainWing brand fruit punch!
Gotta have a partner
Gotta have an OC
You cannot be a canon character; however, your date can be a canon character or magical being.
Gotta have fun!
(And when kissing, do this -3-) lol
People so far:
GB: Cairo
Date: Libya (the northern africa is real)
MDS: Frog
Date: Blobby
Jbdino: Archipelago
Date: Mediterranean
Foxlover: Foxlover 1
Date: Foxlover 2 (or other way around)
Blacksvoid: Blacksvoid(?)
Date: Briney
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• 2/11/2016

[RP] Fox Forest

Ok, so this is a RP with any fox OC, please try to only have one OC. We will start once all slots are full so join as soon as you can! :D.
BirchWood (3moons)
Cairo (Glorybringer the Rainwing)
_____ (______)
_____ (______)
_____ (______)
P.S. I haven't made my OC yet so deal with it.
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